Here’s a selection of some of the different blind styles that are available.



A little more sophisticated than your average roller blind. They have flat, horizontal folds of fabric in a series if wide pleats that lie against the window and look striking when set inside the window frame. Roman blinds are useful for windows that have little space for a track or pole outside the window recess. Supplied with a fabric covered wooden batten for fitting or metal headrail with a rotary mechanism.


Gathered across the width, austrian and festoon blinds form flounces. The festoon blind will appear gathered down its drop even when lowered.



A window dressing that provides a decorative effect. This simple blind diffuses the strong light from the window and softens the shape of the window frame. Sheers and voiles are often unsuitable for roman blinds so this is a design that has ties hanging behind and in front of the sheer fabric so they can be tied to hold the blind at any level. Supplied with a fabric covered wooden batten for fitting.